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We suggest you use one of our existing projects as design inspiration – tell us the project name and unique id number (found top left of each product page, in red) when submitting this form. Alternatively, you can upload your own design or pictures you have seen when submitting this form.

If you are unsure of the design you want then simply get in touch by phoning on 01943 660 496 or make an enquiry using our contact form.

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    In Saltaire, Yorkshire
    British quality craftsmanship
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    Handled With Care
    Handled with care

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    Quick hands

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    Delivering the perfect-fitted furniture in 6-8 weeks

    1. 1-2 Weeks
      1. Define
      2. Design
      3. Review & refine
    2. 3-5 Weeks
      1. Build
      2. Finishing
    3. 1 Week
      1. Deliver